14 July 2020

LinkedIn Introduces Name Audio Clips So No One Mispronounces Your Name

Ever had to listen to someone butcher your name in an official setting? Well, there might be a solution to it. LinkedIn has now launched a new audio feature that allows you to record the correct pronunciation of your name.


The feature can be only added in the mobile app currently, but anyone who comes across your profile page via any platform can listen to the voice clip by clicking on the speaker icon beside your name.


“Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy—it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace,” the company wrote in a blog post about the latest addition.


LinkedIn’s product manager Joseph Akoni explained that reading a name wrongly can be deemed as disrespectful. However, he also noted that people could be reading the name too fast or utter the wrong enunciation out of pure “laziness.”


He detailed how someone opts for convenience when they say, “If I can’t pronounce their name, I’ll give them a name that makes me feel comfortable without asking them how to pronounce it.” Akoni suggested that “most of the time, it’s out of ignorance.”


The helpful feature will be optional and made available worldwide in the following month.


Source: Design Taxi