15 January 2021

Nissan’s ‘Office Pod’ Concept Brings A Rejuvenating Twist To Remote-Working Life

Waking up five minutes before a morning meeting, getting your workout in during the day, and working in a familiar home environment might be among the perks of the new corporate norm, but it’s not unusual to feel jaded from getting cooped inside all day long.


Nissan presents a refreshing option for the widespread remote-working lifestyle. Its ‘Office Pod’ concept lets you work comfortably on the go—and when it’s time for a break, you can wind down on a mobile rooftop.


The ‘Office Pod’ is one of the Japanese automaker’s proposed customizations for its NV350 caravan. It spotlights a retractable workspace, complete with a desk area, that is able to slide outdoors so you can get on with your job with some fresh air.


The pod is sheltered to shield you from the elements, and comes with edge lighting for when you require a soft glow. A see-through polycarbonate floor lets you peek at the ground beneath.


Everyone knows that the fun part of working as you travel is the ability to take a breather when you want one, and the Nissan Office Pod doesn’t disappoint in this department. The roof doubles as a luxurious balcony that you can lounge in with its patio recliner and parasol. The space is accessible through the office area, so just walk up when you need a break.


Nissan will showcase the Office Pod concept at the virtual 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon. Digital nomads can only hope the company will bring the idea to fruition in time.

Source: Design Taxi