12 January 2017

Siri For Photoshop? Adobe’s Looking Into It

Siri for photo editing? Adobe's considering it

Yesterday, Adobe released a 30-second teaser video that asks, "What if you had an intelligent assistant for photo editing?" The company is looking into the possibility of a voice-activated virtual assistant that edits and shares your photos. Think Siri, but for Photoshop.


In its conceptual video, a user is operating a theoretical version of an Adobe mobile app through natural, non-technical voice commands. There's no need to say things like "Crop with a 1:1 ratio" or even "Undo." The virtual assistant understand more casual terms like "Make it square" and "I don't like it."


While many mobile users might be satisfied with the swiping and tapping gestures in use now, a development like this might could come as good news to individuals that want the interface of desktop photo-editing software without the need for constant precision mousing.


The company has not confirmed whether this project is close to fruition, only that it's "exploring what an intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like. " If and when this technology is incorporated into Adobe apps remains to be seen.


See the project concept for yourself below.