2 March 2022

Striking Visual Trends To Attract Gen Z Followers In 2022

With the new year approaching, we’ve seen a fair amount of predictions for visual trends in 2022. This time around, it’s all about Gen Z, the very population that propelled TikTok into becoming a hangout for one billion monthly active users.


This forecast comes from experts at photo and video editing suite Picsart, which says 80% of its 150 million monthly active users are under the age of 35, so “we think we have a pretty good grip on what what visual trends Gen Z is heading toward,” the platform tells DesignTAXI.


Check below for up-and-coming styles that be bussin’—was that used right?


Modern Nostalgia


Old is the new new, it appears. There’s a growing inclination to merge retro elements with the techy, so the 80s and 90s—the dawn of video games and the internet—are the perfect eras to pull from.



With all the talk about immersive virtual worlds, more people might imagine themselves as online personas or avatars in fantastical digital spaces.


Time for Teal


Not only is the hue calming yet fun, but teal also brings to mind digital elements, “like The Matrix or a system error interface. It’s perhaps for these reasons that Picsart saw a 101% spike in searches for teal and blue over the past months.

Gender Inclusivity


Representation isn’t just encouraged, it’s fortunately evolving into the norm. According to Picsart, keywords like “trans flag” and “gender fluid” are some of the more popular terms it’s seen overall. “This demand isn’t going anywhere,” it says.

Organic Digital


Given the convenience that digital tools bring, working with organic materials like paper and vintage film has become a rarity. Picsart says users are now emulating the analog feel with edits like film grain, ripped paper, and plastic wrap overlays.


Gothic Fonts


You could use a conventionally legible typeface, but that’s not always going to catch someone’s gaze. In 2022, try incorporating decorative Gothic fonts into your projects for a counterintuitive modern flair. Typography reminiscent of Middle-Age manuscripts gives them a grungy feel that, oddly, isn’t too dated.