17 July 2017

The Problem With Perfectionism / Creative People

The Problem With Perfectionism And How It Applies To Creative People


“Perfectionism…the unreasonable and self-defeating ambition of getting something absolutely right—which makes us difficult to be around and punishing to live within.”


Striving for excellence can help you grow in your creative field, but placing too much emphasis on making something that is absolutely perfect can end up doing more harm than good.


Similar to advice given by Andrew Price in his talk that discusses the seven great habits of highly effective artists, this new animation from The School of Life takes a look at the problem with perfectionism.


“The origins of perfectionism lie in the imagination, in the ease with which we can conjure up a picture of an ideal state of affairs, compared with the monstrous difficulty of bringing such a state into being by ourselves. The sickness of perfectionism gestates in the fertile gap between our noble visions and our mediocre reality…”


Perfectionism not only leaves artists in a constant state of unhappiness, but also contributes to the creative block.


Watch the short animation below.