11 December 2016

The Standable – Stand Naturally at Work

Stand More.
Stand Correct.


A desktop accessory that provides the most natural way to stand at work. The desk is unique because it focuses on helping people to not just stand at an affordable price, but to do so correctly. The 2 shelf system makes this customizable approach possible.


We know that the best way to stand is with your eyes straight ahead and your arms at a 90 degree angle to your keyboard. Our goal was to create a desk that accommodates people of all heights, shapes and sizes. Most affordable solutions have a single tray, causing T-Rex syndrome (arms too close to head) or worse, the Mummy syndrome- a big old pain in your neck from looking down at where your screen is. Those that do have a second tray, don’t allow you to customize the distance between where you are typing and looking. For all the good that standing can do, we just couldn’t understand how no one took it across the finish line and made it easy to adjust based on where your arms fall.


Standable is the first desk that is designed to give you the most natural stance while you stand at work. The key is this – eyes straight ahead and elbows at a 90 degree angle. We created a 2 shelf system that does not require any expensive electronics or complicated reconfiguration to allow your eyes and arms to be in the right place. Once we figured out how to solve for the issue, our designer set out to make it as easy and beautiful as possible.


Other desks assume all bodies are made the same - Standable knows they are not!